We've received these 22 beautiful tuna dish submissions below for our 2nd customer contest!

Voting has now closed and submission #15 is our customer contest winner!

Thanks to all who submitted entries and participated. Be on the lookout for our next contest in a few weeks!

1) Tuna kanpachi roses
2) Otoro nigiri sushi - 3 varieties of tuna sushi, one without topping, the middle one with scallion ginger in beancurd ponzu sauce and the front one with just a mix of dried seaweed and sesame. The tuna just melted in our mouth!!
3) Seared tuna on rice
4) Fatty tuna is called otoro but what do you call fatty human?
5) Chutoro Temari Sushi
6) Yellowfin, Akami, Otoro
7) Tuna 2 ways: seared tuna with mushroom soy sauce and ginger + tuna crudo with green onions and lime
8) Spicy seared tuna with green salad, salt and pepper
9) Yellow tail poke
10) Chicago skyline tuna nigiri
11) Tuna poke bowl
12) Ahi poke on bed of cucumbers with baked wonton crisps
13) Tuna and ponzu-splashed jalapeno nigiri. So simple. So good!
14) Seared yellowfin over rice with bell peppers and guacamole
15) Masala marinated seared tuna with sea salt and pepper
16) Next Level Nigiri
17) Chirashi with yellowfin tuna, hamachi, hamachi, tako, tamagoyaki, cucumber; served with shrimp tempura.
18) Rainbow Nigiri
19) Pan seared tuna poke bowl with avocado and mango!
20) Delicious fatty tuna nigiri
21) Seared Ahi Tuna with avocado paste and spicy Mayo
22) Bluefin Tuna "lasagna" sushi with sticky rice, nori, avocado, lime and Unagi. Drizzled with a homemade sriracha aioli and Unagi sauce. Topped with toasted sesame seeds and green onion. Fabulous weeknight dinner with the freshest ingredients! Thank you MPS groceries!!