We've received these 19 beautiful dish submissions for our 4th ever customer contest!

Voting has now closed and submission #18 is our customer contest winner! #9 and #11 are our runner ups.

Thanks to all who submitted entries and participated. Be on the lookout for our next contest in a few weeks!

1) “Don’t swim in a lava pit” Seared cod and grilled jumbo shrimp with honey-glazed nuts in a homemade Smokey red pepper purée.
2) Poke bowl (tuna, crab salad, salmon and kanpachi) with carrots, avocado, cucumbers and topped with crispy onions
3) Salmon Teriyaki with Braised Eggplant
4) Cherrywood smoked Delaware Bay oysters, Norwegian salmon and fresh pineapple for Labor Day
5) Pan seared Chilean sea bass with a spicy (smoked ghost peppers) Asian citrus sauce on wilted spinach
6) DIY sushi platter
7) Jumbo shrimps from MPS sautéed in ginger and garlic peacefully rest on a Mexican tostada with a "leche de tigre" coating.
8) Sesame Ginger Salmon with Ginger Fried Rice
9) King Crab stuffed crêpes • tarragon • béchamel • chives • Caviar
10) Summer Sushi
11) Gorgeous jumbo Harissa spiced lobster tail filled with a creamy mixture of lobster, edamame, onion, tomato and crispy bacon broiled with a sprinkling of cheese and topped with fresh cilantro. Amazing dinner I made after a long work day. Love MPS Groceries!!! 😋❤
12) Strawberry walnut salad with MPS iceberg lettuce, cilantro, avocado, cucumber and top with toasted coconut flakes, almond and black sesame seeds. YUM!!!
13) Thai Chili cilantro shrimp burger with caramelized broccoli and asparagus- all MPS buys!
14) Kanpachi Ceviche
15) Lobster steak surf and turf
16) Hamachi tower with avocado, cucumber and pickled jalapenos in ponzu
17) Akami Nigiri and Poke bowl
18) Summer Seafood Platter: Lemon, butter and saffron seared scallops with white wine, shallot, anchovy, caper and lemony thyme sauce. Yellowfin tuna with ponzu sauce. Sautéed shrimp with charred lemons. Red and golden beets roasted with pearl onions, lemon infused olive oil and herb de provence. Crab claw, trout pearls and edible flowers for a taste of summer!
19) My version of the trending tortilla hack: seaweed salmon wrap! Fold up the quarters for a quick and easy sandwich with minimal work. Nearly everything is from MPS Groceries -- amazing sashimi salmon, seaweed shell, avocado, cukes, and srirachi!

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