We've received these 47 beautiful meal submissions below for our 1st ever customer contest!

Voting has now closed and submission #41 is our first ever customer contest winner!

Thanks to all who submitted entries and participated. Be on the lookout for our next contest in a few weeks!

1) Sashimi Selection
2) Grilled striped bass / spicy ponzu sauce / red cabbage slaw
3) 5 front line workers decided to ring in 2021 on the right foot...or should I say crab leg! Best king crab legs!
4) Yellowtail/Tuna Nigiri Plate
5) Butter Poached King Crab over Saffron Risotto
6) Tuna three ways
7) The dish I made is a poke bowl. It has a lime cilantro rice as the base with fresh yellowfin tuna cubed and places on top. I quick pickled red cabbage, cucumber, and radishes to go on the side. I add steamed edamame and fresh thinly sliced jalapeño as well. The fish is tossed in a freshly made poke sauce with white sesame seeds added. I add fresh avocado and seaweed salad as well. To top all this off is a homemade spicy Thai peanut butter sauce that is drizzled over the top.
8) Kampachi crudo topped w/ jalapeno, radish, cilantro and drizzled w/ ponzu sauce
9) Sashimi Extravaganza
10) Salmon sashimi
11) Compressed tofu, sambal oelek glaze, marinated salad and roasted cashew on couscous.
12) Otoro and uni with sushi rice!
13) Baked garlic cheesy lobster tower
14) Maguro Poke Bowl with Avocado, Edamame, and Toasted Sesame Seeds
15) This Hawaiian-style ahi shoyu poke has become a quarantine fan favorite in my house
16) O-Toro/Faroe Island Salmon/Akami Nigiri
17) Perfect Grilled Salmon
18) Garlic, lemon broiled lobster served over alfredo bucatini and a side of sauteed brussel sprouts
19) Chu toro, maguro, tai and hotate sashimi, maguro Maki. Junmai ginjo
20) Lemon garlic broiled lobster tail
21) Uni & Steak
22) Tuna Chutoro Ochazuke
23) Sushi night with a side of tempura udon!
24) Chargrilled Oysters
25) Sashimi Lover’s Dream
26) Salmon, Hamachi, Tai, Hotate and Hakkaisan Junmai Gingo
27) Akami, uni, scallion, ponzu
28) Seared Scallops with fresh English pea and pesto mash and fresh picked Kansas corn
29) Sashimi bowl with Kanpachi and Uni
30) Real poké, not the mainland haole stuffs. Shoyu and spicy!
31) Grilled octopus in a chorizo+ peppers sauce medley
32) Ramen with Shrimp Tempura, Dumplings & Veggies
33) Striped Bass steamed with sautéed mixed vegetables
34) Appetizer of tuna poke on top of sushi rice on a piece of nori
35) Spicy Tuna Poke Bowl
36) Tuna Crudo / tiradito-style with green onions-ginger-rice vinager-aged soy sauce with a touch of pepper and olive oil (harissa) and lime.
37) Seafood paella
38) Faroe island salmon with carrots and sushi rice, sous vide
39) Seared Ahi Tuna with Crunchy Asian Salad
40) Hamachi jalapeno in yuzu juice

41) Ahi tuna tartare on a wonton crisp with chili oil and soy. Topped with black & white sesame seeds, sliced avocado, and green onion. (The quality of the tuna was/is absolutely incredible. I am so grateful that you all are selling to the public.)

42) Salmon Avocado Poke

43) Salmon sliders for a perfect date night in

44) Oysters Rockafeller

45) Seared Tuna Crudo with greens

46) Tuna Sashimi and Tuna Avocado Temaki

47) My boyfriend and I made tuna avocado rolls and salmon avocado rolls. Some had cilantro and chili oil as an extra, and we even had enough fish left for sashimi.